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Make a difference: E-mail your Legislator

Please choose a letter to send to legislators advocating for funding of a quality education at institutions of public higher education in New York State. Your e-mail will be sent to Leaders of the New York State Legislature, Chairs of the Fiscal Committees and Chairs of the Higher Education Committee. In the amount of time it takes to write one person you are expanding that by reaching almost 60 legislators. It is very important to put a "human face" on your e-mail and personalize it to tell how you and your family may be impacted by the proposed budget.

Make a difference: Call your Legislator

As a CUNY Champion you can call your individual legislator to voice support for a quality education for students in public higher education. If you cannot speak directly with the legislator voice your support for funding of public higher education to the legislator's staff. They keep track of phone calls and let the legislators know about constituent calls. Here are the Senate and Assembly website listings which have the phone numbers for the legislators.

Write a Personal Letter

Legislators appreciate when you take the time to send a personal letter. Explain exactly what you want and specifically tell the legislator how the current level of funding to public higher education will impact you and your family. If you are working and supporting a family; If financial aid does not cover the cost of your tuition; If your classes are overcrowded, tell the legislator these details. Let the legislator know that you are a constituent and vote in his or her district. Listed below are the links to the senate and assembly web sites that list the addresses for legislative Albany Offices where funding decisions will be made.

Senate member addresses:

Assembly member addresses:

Assembly Ways and Means Committee:

Assembly Higher Education Committee:

Senate Finance Committee:

Senate Higher Education Committee:

Stay Informed

It is important that we are CURRENT and informed on the legislative process in which they are advocating for support of public higher education. Listed below are some legislative websites that you can periodically visit to hear the latest budget news.

Governor's Office:
New York State Division of Budget:
New York State Assembly:
New York State Senate: