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City Campaigns

The City budget passed at the end of June. Thanks to your assistance in sending letters to your city representatives the final budget included the following items for CUNY:

  • - City Council Merit-Based Scholarships (Academic Achievement Award): $10,915,000
  • - CUNY Prep: $2,700,000
  • - Dominican Studies Institute: $970,000
  • - Center for Puerto Rican Studies: $970,000
  • - Creative Arts Team: $200,000
  • - Citizenship NOW: $1,000,000
  • - Murphy Institute Center for Worker Education: $100,000


Additionally, there were other CUNY programs funded by the City Council in Fiscal Year 2015:

  • - Technical Assistance for Child Care Providers: $1,500,000
    (This funding is for technical assistance for NYC child care providers through the NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute)
  • - Hunter College Food Policy Center: $200,000
    (Center assists NYC stakeholders to develop, implement and evaluate policies that improve the city’s food environment & reduce food-related health, social, environmental & economic problems)
  • - CUNY Advanced Certificate Program: $50,000
    (program provides additional, targeted classroom & lab instruction for CUNY students studying computer science & related fields to prepare them to join the City’s technology workforce)


On the CUNY capital side, the City Council added $32 million.

Thank you for your support!

City Executive Budget Priorities

Analysis of 2014-2015 City Adopted Budget

State Campaigns

New York State adopted its fourth consecutive on time budget on March 31, 2014. The 2014-15 New York State Budget agreement includes vitally important improvements in the operating and capital budgets of The City University of New York and innovative programs that strengthen educational opportunities for students. Highlights of the budget crafted by the Governor and legislative leaders include the following items:

  • ● Restoration of SEEK funding of $600,000 plus an additional $600,000 for a total of $1.2 million.
  • ● Restoration of College Discovery Program in the amount of $27,000. An additional $28,000 is also provided.
  • ● Restoration of Child Care funds in the amount of $544,000.
  • ● Restoration of $1.7 million for ASAP (Accelerated Study in Associate Programs).
  • ● Base Aid increase for community colleges in the amount of $75 per FTE which generates $8 million in additional funds.
  • ● $206 million in appropriations for senior college critical maintenance.
  • ● $127 million in appropriations for various senior college strategic initiatives.
  • ● $67 million lump sum appropriation for senior college projects that requires New York State Senate approval.
  • ● $4.5 million in matching appropriations for the Allied Health Science Center at Hostos Community College.
  • ● $55 million for a second round of CUNY 2020 challenge grant funding.
  • ● $15 million for matching funds at community colleges.
  • ● Increase in maximum TAP award from $5,000 to $5165.
  • ● Creation of a full tuition STEM scholarship program for high school students graduating in the top ten percent of their class.


CUNY is very pleased with the outcome of this year’s enacted budget and we would like to thank all the CUNY Champions who participated in our email campaigns. We couldn’t have done it without your help! Hundreds of thousands of emails were sent to New York State Legislators this year! Your voice was heard and made a difference.

Statement from Interim Chancellor Kelly on Governor’s Proposed New York State Executive Budget

The City University of New York 2014-15 Preliminary Analysis of the 2014-15 Executive Budget

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Chancellors Statement on 2014-15 adopted budget